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VIP Marketplace

Challenge: Strategic Results looking for a teaming partner for $64M Opportunity in San Antonio, Texas with a time sensitive turnaround.  Posted to VIP Marketplace: 2.08.18

Solution: (2.09.18)  |  Heard from so many companies...most likely we have found a teaming partner.  The network is amazing.

Very appreciative,
Anne Dunne, CEO,
Strategic Results


VIP Training Program

"I want to applaud the President's plan to provide America's veterans with the additional job support they need and undoubtedly have earned. The proposal he announced today will help lower veteran unemployment and ensure that service members leave the military career-ready.

Montgomery County has been a leader in this effort. In 2009, the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Foundation created the Veterans Institute for Procurement (VIP). Now a nationwide program, it helps give veteran-owned businesses the tools they need to compete for government contracts. These kinds of local initiatives, coupled with a federal effort, will make great strides in helping the brave men and women who have served our nation find the jobs they deserve."

Congressman Chris Van Hollen

“As the Associate Administrator of the Office of Veterans Business Development, I am focused on the success of veteran owned businesses nationwide. We are proud to be part of the expansion of the programs from The National Center for Veteran Institute for Procurement (VIP). VIP has demonstrated over the past 7 years a positive impact in revenue and job creation in veteran government contracting. In addition to its flagship program VIP Grow, our partnership now includes programs to support earlier stage companies with VIP Start and expand contracting opportunities overseas with VIP International. VIP Veteran Business Outreach Center (VBOC) connects our centers to VIP Alumni and programming. The Small Business Administration (SBA) is proud to be a part of this partnership and looks forward to continued success.”

- Barb Carson
Associate Administraor, Office of Veterans Business Development, SBA

“For every business, the key questions at some point become whether you know how to manage, develop and grow. That is what VIP does – teaches veteran-owned businesses the skills to deal with those issues. VIP companies have grown almost 50% after just one year of graduating, have created thousands of new jobs, and several are SBA Small Person of the Year Winners. VIP is both launching new programs and expanding programs to accelerate the success of veteran-owned small businesses in government contracting. The Small Business Administration (SBA) is proud to be a partner.”

- Antonio Doss
Director, US SBA Washington Metro Area District Office

“We are proud to be a founder and continued supporter of VIP. It continues to help us find outstanding and qualified veteran firms with in-depth experience and knowledge of working in the Federal Marketplace. Our success depends on a strong supply chain and through these partnerships with veteran-owned and service disabled veteran-owned businesses, together we help solve our customer’s most complex challenges. We look forward to our continued partnership with VIP.”

- Susannah L. Raheb
Corporate Supplier Diversity Leader, Lockheed Martin Corporation

“The State of Maryland is excited to partner with VIP. Year after year, VIP has helped Maryland-based, veteran-owned small businesses accelerate their success in the federal marketplace. Already more than 200 graduating companies have created thousands of new jobs in the state and, on average, grew almost 50% just one year after graduating from VIP. With VIP's new initiatives and expanded mission, the state of Maryland is proud to be part of this program's continued success helping veteran-owned businesses get ahead.”

- Mike Gill
Secretary, Maryland Department of Commerce

"The VIP GROW program was a fantastic experience! The business training provided will be invaluable to the growth of our company. Training side-by-side with other company leaders, who were also military veterans, reminded me of the camaraderie and teamwork I experienced during my career in uniform. Truly a “must do” experience for any veteran who owns their own business.”

- Manny Bautista, PE (June 2016 VIP GROW Graduate)
President/CEO, Blue Trident, LLC

"I was lucky enough to have been selected and attended the June 2016 VIP GROW course. Wow, what a game-changing experience for me and my VOSB firm. As a VIP GROW recent graduate and veteran-owned Small Business owner, I would highly recommend the training to all veteran owned business owners. VIP GROW has allowed me to FOCUS and the program provided the TOOLS to grow my business!"

- Alejandro M. Sarandrea (June 2016 VIP GROW Graduate)
President, Sarandrea Associates Group Corp, Inc.

"Thank you for putting the VIP GROW program together. It's huge value add from my perspective."

- Brou Gautier (June 2016 VIP GROW Graduate)
President, President, Government Sector, Total Systems Development, Inc

"The VIP GROW training was magnificent. All classes were outstanding with creditable instructors who all spoke with conviction. It was a “Harvard MBA” in federal marketing and running a small business. No amount of money could have bought me the concise, expertly presented and real world business knowledge I gained in 3 days.”

- Eric M. Sundin (June 2016 VIP GROW Graduate)
President, Internal Computer Services (ICS)

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“When I started Cyber Management Systems in the spring 2014, I began the search for knowledge on how to create a strategy to build the foundation for a strong and long lasting company. I found that the majority of the literature and information readily available, free or at cost, was geared towards how to manage someone else’s business. Ninety-nine percent of college courses and books on the shelf are geared towards business management and not towards creating a business. VIP START armed me with the tools to ensure that Cyber Management Systems has a solid foundation to grow. I can’t wait to grow my business so that I can attend VIP GROW!!”

- Corey Coleman (April 2016 VIP START Graduate)
President and CEO, Cyber Management Systems

"Thank you so much for creating the VIP START program! The VIP curriculum team did an excellent job creating interesting and relevant information to help the class grow as government contractors. Additionally, the networking opportunities and professional mentors that participated will definitely help me take my business to the next level."

- Adler Archer (April 2016 VIP START Graduate)
Chief Executive Officer, ALLASYS, LLC

“The VIP START program exceeded my expectations, and was exactly what I needed. This program has given me the tools, resources and connections that will help build my company and hopefully I will be able to participate in VIP GROW in the near future.”

- Gail Schnell (April 2016 VIP START Graduate)
President & CEO, Schnell-Tech Solutions LLC

“VIP START provided concentrated, practical information that I couldn’t have received anywhere else. The networking opportunities we had throughout the three days were priceless.”

- Cedran Kirksey (April 2016 VIP START Graduate)
CEO, Accessible Mobility Technologies

“I’ve been in commercial business for 30 years, and before the program, I didn’t know what I didn’t know about federal procurement. After VIP START, I now have the tools to succeed in the federal marketplace.”

- Kelvin Boone (April 2016 VIP START Graduate)
CEO, Elevation Lifestyle Ventures LLC

“I want to personally thank you and your team for a very well organized and valuable Course.  What your team has done for Veterans is truly special and more importantly a network that is essential for every veteran owner to compete to get to the next level!  I was so impressed with this Course that I will be…recommending a few other companies….  On behalf of Venergy Group, myself, and all the others that participated in the course…. THANK YOU very much!!”

- Corey Clive (June 2015 VIP GROW Graduate)
CEO/Founder, Venergy Group LLC.

“The program is one of the kind and it really addressed the key areas that are important to the success of any small businesses working with the Federal, State and Local Governments.  Thank you for your efforts and your passion.”

Dokmai Webster (June 2015 VIP GROW Graduate)
President and CEO, PivotalPoint

“The VIP GROW program was one of the most informative, resourceful and remarkable procurement training that I’ve had the honor and opportunity to attend in years. I found the VIP program to be in the top 1%  in government procurement training. I would highly recommend all veterans in business to attend the VIP program course. The VIP program was invaluable to my procurement development and knowledge base, future growth and business success. The VIP staff, operation, professionalism and commitment to quality is world class. This was a positive experience, which speaks volumes in the Veterans community in procurement training. The distinguished instructors had impeccable credentials and were the very best in their field of expertise! I wasn’t prepared to get the personalized attention and consistency to procurement details that I’ve received at this VIP program training. This VIP program experience was simply amazing! Thank You and keep up the Exceptional Work!”

- Walter Davis (October 2014 VIP GROW Graduate)
President and CEO, Morris Allen & Associates, Inc.

"The amount of information in the VIP Program is intense!  In 3 days I was given 30 hours of training that was invaluable to my business.  It gave me the knowledge to understand the complexity of Government Contracting and what I needed to do to successfully bid on jobs.  It helped me to create relationships with other Veteran Owned Companies with different skills enabling all of us to work together to improve our companies.  It "GAVE" me a network of Veterans that I can work with to combine my companies expertise and services with the knowledge, experience and resources of other Veterans so that we can all successfully bid and WIN Government Contracts.  Within 6 days of Graduating the VIP Program I was able to successfully bid on two different contracts for pressure washing Federal Buildings.  Even if I don't WIN these contracts, I know that if I combine my companies 26 years of training and experience in the pressure washing industry with the knowledge I learned in the VIP Program, I can help Government agencies by showing them safer methods for pressure washing, and to WIN pressure washing contracts in the near future!"

Henry Bockman (October 2014 VIP GROW Graduate)
President, Commercial Restorations

"VIP GROW covers every aspect of running a business, specifically a government contracting business."

William Bailey (October 2014 VIP GROW Graduate)
President, Rapier Solutions, Inc.

"Every section we went through had something that I could use immediately."

Brian Book (October 2014 VIP GROW Graduate)
President, Book Zurman, Inc.

"All sections of the program are useful, but the business development, capture and proposal sections are pure gold!"

Rick Yost (October 2014 VIP GROW Graduate)
Government Business Lead, DuraBante LLC

"The Veteran Institute for Procurement is a phenomenal program that is a win-win for the federal government and prime contractors, and for the small veteran-owned businesses that it serves. Companies that participate in VIP emerge well-positioned for greater success in Federal contracting, and, ultimately, help to ensure that we have more qualified veteran-owned businesses competing for contract opportunities. We’re very appreciative of the leadership of the Montgomery County Chamber Community Foundation in launching this vital program and in expanding it now nationwide.”

- Wesley Crenshaw (October 2014 VIP GROW Graduate)
President, Blueline Technology, Inc.

"The Veteran Institute for Procurement is a phenomenal program that is a win-win for the federal government and prime contractors, and for the small veteran-owned businesses that it serves. Companies that participate in VIP emerge well-positioned for greater success in Federal contracting, and, ultimately, help to ensure that we have more qualified veteran-owned businesses competing for contract opportunities. We’re very appreciative of the leadership of the Montgomery County Chamber Community Foundation in launching this vital program and in expanding it now nationwide.”

- Mauricio Vera
OSDBU Director, U.S. Agency for International Development

Former Director, U.S. Small Business Administration's Washington Metropolitan Area District Office "It's an honor to be associated with the Veteran Institute for Procurement. I am grateful to the Montgomery County Chamber Foundation for supporting the launch of VIP in Frederick. VIP Grow will provide timely and effective opportunities for veteran entrepreneurs to gain the access and tools to successfully compete for federal government contracts. Veterans have historically demonstrated their success in business in both the domestic and global marketplace…VIP's effort to provide the training and a network for our veteran-owned businesses has my unconditional support. It’s a win-win for our country and taxpayers when the federal government buys the innovative programs and services developed by local small business entrepreneurs.”

- Former Representative Roscoe Bartlett
6th District of Maryland

"I truly was amazed by the program, and am so very, very glad to have been able to attend. I look forward to maintaining my relationship with MCCCF. Thanks again, very professional program, well executed and enjoyable.

- Daniel Morris (October 2013 VIP GROW Graduate)
Managing Member and CEO, SemperServe, LLC

"The recent VIP course I attended was hands down the best course I have ever attended, thank you for the opportunity to attend. The quality of the instructors, the course material and the facility were all topnotch. I may not become the next Catapult but you have certainly given me the tools to do it. I hope one day I will be in a position to pay it forward. Thanks."

- Geoffrey Perkins, Esq. (October 2012 VIP GROW Graduate)
Managing Partner of Concourse Federal Group, LLC

“Just wanted to let you know that as of 8/27/12 we are officially on a Mentor Protégé Program with the Department of the Navy & Lockheed Martin Owego, NY.  Wanted to thank you & your program for all your help. I believe the information I got there was a big help.”

- Tom Crowley (March 2011 VIP GROW Graduate)
President of Crowley Fabricating & Machining Co., Inc.

“I have taken part in many Veteran Small business conferences but they are not geared well toward established businesses. They are more "101". This particular program gives outstanding real world examples and solutions to very common government business challenges and also gives its members direct contact with professionals that can help.”

- 2012 VIP GROW Graduate

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