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VIP GROW Graduates

11th Hour Service
2ndWave LLC
7 Delta, Inc. (sold it. Retired)
A1C Partners, LLC
A2A Integrated Logistics Inc
AAA Energy Audits
Aacon General Contractors LLC
Absolute Consulting Solutions, LLC
Absolute Veritable Solutions, LLC
Academy Solutions Group, LLC
Acela Technologies, Inc. 
Acquisition Experts, LLC
Aczen Technology, Inc.
ADCO Hearing Products
Adino, Inc
ADOM INC. DBA Home Helpers
Advanced Business Learning
Advanced Program Analytics, LLC
Advocates In Manpower Management, Inc.
Aegis Mechanical Corporation
Aerospace Supply Chain Solutions, llc
Aerosystems Engineering 
AESIT Government Facilities, Inc.
Affinity Fidelis Consulting and Technologies, LLC
A-G Associates, Inc
Agemo Technology, Inc
Agemo Technology, Inc. 
AGi Mission Support Services, Inc.
Agil3 Technology Solutions LLC
Agile Business Concepts, LLC
A-JAC Services, LLC
AJ'S Cleaning, Inc
Alexall Alliance Corporation
ALFA Trechs, Inc.     
All Purpose Document Destruction
Allagash Group, LLC
Alliance Global Group, LLC
Alliance Healthcare Systems, LLC
Allied Mountain, LLC
Allied Technical Services
AllStar Consulting,LLC
Alpha Omega Technologies, Inc.
Already Online, Inc
Alvarez & Associates LLC
Alytic, Inc.
American Commercial Group, Inc.
American Identity Solutions
American Independent Media
American Project Consultants
American Sanitary Products, Inc.
American Small Business Alliance, Inc
American Technology Solutions International (ATSI)
AmVet Technologies, LLC
Anchor Technology and Consultants
Anglin Consulting Group
Anthony & Associates, Inc
Anthony Management Group, LLC 
Apex Data Systems, Inc
Aplin LLC
Appddiction Studio LLC
Applied Development LLC
Applied Fundamentals Consulting LLC
Applied Network Solutions, Inc.
Applied Wireless Local Area Network, Inc.
Aradem, Inc.
ArchSmart, LLC
Armed Security
Ascendant Program Services, LLC
ASJ IT Services, LLC
Ask-Ark, LLC
Aspire Ventures, LLC 
Athena Construction Group, Inc.
Athena Technology Group, Inc. (ATG)
Atlas Technologies, Inc.
Atriax Group
Augur Consulting Inc.
Autonomy Business Solutions, Inc.
Avaris Concepts, LLC
Avatar Technologies - Company sold no longer Veteran Owned
Avening Management and Technical Services, LLC
Aver Consulting Group
Aviate Enterprises, Inc.
Avilar Technologies, Inc.
Avise Solutions
Axim Global Strategies Group, LLC
Axiom Corporation
A-Z Services, LLC
Backup Power Source, Inc.
Bailey Information Technology Consultants
BAM Technologies, LLC
Banks Consulting Inc. (BCI)
Barca Strategy and Technology Consulting LLC
Barnes-Magee Consulting, LLC
Basecamp Consulting and Solutions LLC
Battle's Transportation, Inc.
BC Holdings, LLC
Beacon Acquisition Solutions, LLC 
Bean Shen Corporation
Belle Vista International, Inc.
Belte Integrated Services, LLC
Bennett Construction and Enterprises, LLC
BeVera Solutions, LLC
BG Consulting Services, LLC
Biosphere International inc.
Blake Willson Group, LLC
Blast Off International 
Blue & Gold Strategies, LLC
Blue Trident, LLC
BlueForge, LLC
Blueline Technology, Inc.
BluePath Labs, LLC
BlueSteel Solutions, Inc.
BMI Enterprises
BMS, Inc.
BMT Consulting Inc
Book Zurman, Inc.
Booker DiMaio, LLC
Bounds Associates, LLC
Bradford Media Systems
Braswell Precision, Inc.
Bronico Incorporated
Browne and Associates, Inc.
Buckner Management & Technology, Inc. (former name: Global Communications Management & Security, Inc.)
Bullseye International SDVOB, Inc. 
Burwell Group, LLC
Bushrod Construction, LLC
Business & Financial Managament Solutions, LLC 
Butler Security
C.Y. Strategy, LLC
C2 Solutions Group, inc
C5T Corporation
Caduceus Healthcare, Inc.
Cain Contracting, Inc.
Calistoga Construction LLC
Calvin L. Hinz Architects, P.C.
Carroll Communications
Carson's Inc
Carter-Lambert Divisions
Causal Design
CB Design Group, Inc.
CC&C Management Services LLC
Centurion Solutions Group, LLC
CFO Leasing, Inc.
Charles F. Day & Associates, LLC
Chinook Prevention and Preparedness Group
Civility Management Solutions
CJSeto Support Services, LLC
Clientele Human Capital Solutions, LLC
CLV Enterprises Inc.
CNS Concise Network Solutions
Cochise MTS Inc.
Cocklins Film & Video, Inc.
Cogent Solutions
Coker Logistics Solutions, Inc
Coley & Associates, Inc.
COLUMBIA Technologies LLC / Craig Gainer attending Monday
Command Services & Support, Inc.
Complete Packaging and Shipping Supplies Inc.
Concept Analysis and Integration
Concord Crossroads LLC
Concourse Federal Group
Conner Consulting & Resources LLC
Construction Site Clean Up Inc
Continental Technical Services of Georgia, Inc.
Contract Support Services, LLC
Cornett and Associates, LLC
Counter Threat Solutions
Countermeasures Assessment & Security Experts LLC
Crawford Cash Consulting Group, Inc.
Creative Business Solutions, Inc.
CREC Group
CrestPoint Solutions, Inc.
Critical Resources Group
Crossworks Technologies Inc.
Crowley Fabricating & Machining Co., Inc.
Crowned Grace International
CRW & Associates, LLC
CS Consulting Engineers, Inc.
CS-360, LLC
Cummings & Cummings, LLC
C-Willis Solutions, Inc.
Cyber Cloud Technologies LLC
Cyber Point Solutions, LLC
CyINT Government Services LLC
Cyrten, LLC
D.A.R Partners, LLC
Darkblade Systems Corporation
Data Integrators, Inc
Datrose, Inc.
DAV Energy Solutions
David Jones CPA PC
Dav-Lear Systems, Inc.
DB Systems Tech, Inc. 
DCS of Fayetteville
DecisionPoint Corporation
Deerwood Technologies
Defenshield Inc.
Dekatron Corporation
Delphi Prime
DeltaStrac, LLC
DeSanti Corp
Dezign Concepts LLC
DG Resource Partners
Dial & Associates
Diamond Technologies, Inc.
Digital Forensic Services, LLC
Digital Global Connectors, LLC
Digital Industry, Inc.
Dimensional Concepts
Diogenec Group
Diverse Concepts, Inc.
Diverse Professional Solutions, LLC
Diverse Technologies Corporation
Diversified Resources, LLC
DJR Associates, Inc.
DNR Environmental Solutions LLC
Document Security Solutions
Döelli, LLC
Douglas P Fleming, LLC
Downeast Logistics LLC
DPM Project Solutions Inc
Drop Test International
Dummars Consultants LLC
DuraBante, LLC
Dynamic Management Associates, LLC
Dynamic Planning & Response, LLC
Dynamic Technology Group, Inc. 
Dyna-Tech Aviation Services, Inc.
E7 Inc dba E7 Defense 
EAB Cables LLC
EAdvantage Inc.
Eagle Horizon Group, LLC
EBS-4U, Inc.
EdgeTek Solutions
EGA Associates, LLC
EKS Group, LLC
Electra-Med Corporation
ELYON International, Inc. 
Encore Services
encore Services
Engineered With Layton, PLC
Enterprise Furniture Consultants (EFC)
Enterprise Management Systems
Enterprise Meds Staffing, LLC 
eo Media Services, Inc.
EP Software Systems
Epitome Management Services
Epitome Management Services, Inc.
ERP Resources, Inc.
ESA South, Inc.
Evoke Research and Consulting, LLC
EW Secure Technologies, LLC
Expert Education & Training, LLC
Facilities Management Solutions, LLC
Facility Resource Group, Inc.
Fantail Consulting & Technologies LLC (removed from list per BA 5/30 - not veteran owned.) 
FEBA Security Services
FED DATA -Federal Data Systems Management, Inc.
FedBiz IT Solutions, LLC
FFE Environmental Services, Inc.
Field Marshal Management
Finity IT, LLC
Fisher Painting Service
FLAG International, LLC
Flash Technology Group LLC
Flores Corp
Focus Group Solutions, Inc.
Focused Management, Inc.
Frequency Enterprise LLC
Fulcrum Vets, LLC.
Future Technology Solutions and Security LLC
G Cubed Technology
G2 Global Solutions, LLC
G2 Innovative Solutions, Inc. (G2IS)
Gant Global Services, Inc
GC Associates USA, LLC
GCC Enterprises Inc.
GCC Federal Services
General Infomatics, Inc.
GenTech Associates, Inc. 
Geo. Bancroft Engineering, LLC
Gerretson LLC
Glasgow Investigative Solutions, Inc
Global Dynamics, LLC
Global E-Learning Consultants
Global Engineering Services
Global Executive Staffing, LLC
Global Language System LLC
Global Suppliers & Traders,LLC
Golden Wolf, LLC
Goldschmitt and Associates LLC
Goodwill Communications, Inc.
Government Supply Services, LLC
GPRA Strategic Management, Inc. 
Green Cell Consulting, LLC
Green Powered Technology
Green-Gate Technology, Inc
Greenstone Construction, Inc.
Griffin and Associates Inc.
Grimmer Technology & Operations, Inc.
Gritter Francona, Inc. 
Growth Point Consulting
GVR Systems automation, Inc.
H2L Solutions, Inc.
H2RG, Inc
Halfaker and Associates
Hannah Solar Government Services LLC
Harkcon, Inc.
Harrland Healthcare Consulting LLC
HAS Construction, LLC
Haven Premier Centers
Havilah ConsultingLLC.
HCI Action Architectural Consultants, LLC
Health Integrity, LLC
Helios Energy, LLC
Henry’s Housework DBA Commercial Restorations
High TechMinds Multlimedia, LLC
HititeS, LLC
HJR OSINT Center, Inc. 
Hood River Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Host Nation Perspectives
Hub Consulting Group, Inc. (HUBCO)
Hughes Group, LLC
Hunter Solutions Inc
IAMAN Diversified Technologies 
IBox Global, LLC
Ideal Scanners & Systems, Inc.
IDEAL Scanners and Systems, Inc. 
iFed2, LLC
Imperial Defense LLC
iN2STEM Solutions, Inc.
Indicium Technologies Inc
Indigenous Intelligence, LLC
Industria Inc
Industry Standard USA, LLC
Infinity Software Development, Inc.
Infinity Solutions Group, LLC
Inflexion Management Sciences, LLC
Information Control Systems Corporation
Information Operations Management & Consulting Co,. Inc. (IMC)
Information Systems Solutions, Inc.
Innovate International Intelligence & Integration, LLC
Innovative Facilities
Innovative Facilities Solutions, Inc.
Innovative Management Concepts
Innovative Resources and Solutions, LLC
Innovet Inc.
Inspired Technology, LLC
Inspired Technology, LLC
Integrity Construction Services LLC
Intelliverse Solutions Group, LLC
IntePros Federal, Inc.
Interactive Government Holdings 
Internal Computer Services
International Capitol Partners (ICP)
International Consultants in Health, Inc.
Invictacom, Inc.
iON Informatics, LLC
IP DataSolutions
IRG Plotters & Printers, Inc.
ISI Professional Services
IT Coalition
IT Concepts, Inc.
Itec Solutions, LLC
ITIC Corporation
ITMC Solutions,LLC
Ivey contracting Service,Inc
J & J Rail Sales Inc.
J&B Hartigan, Inc.
James A. Price Enterprises LLC
JBJBusinessGroup Inc
Jen-esis Communication Inc
JFL Consulting, LLC
JMA Solutions, LLC
John Gallup & Associates LLC
Johnson Venture Management Solutions, Inc.
Jones Mechanical H & C, Inc
Jorbaeneas Neas Corporation
JV Paska Enterprises LLC dba PENT
JY & Associates
Kaizen Approach, Inc.
Kaizen Inc.
Kalani Consulting, Inc.
Kanava International, LLC
KaRDS Cyber Solutions, LLC
Kaydelon Corporation
KayDev Technology, LLC
KeenEdge Associates, LLC
Kennix, LLC.
Kent, Campa & Kate Inc. (KCK)
Kieyos, LLC
Kingdomware Technologies, Inc.
KMS Enterprises, Inc.
Knight Solutions
Knowledge Vortex, Inc.
L1 Enterprises
LAEL Group
Laredo Technical Services, Inc.
LDSI, Inc.
Leading Edge Solutions, LLC
Linchpin Solutions
LixCap LLC
LODE Systems
Logistics Mainteance Training Inc
Logistics Systems Incorporated 
LongView International Technology Solutions, Inc
Looper Servicenter Inc
Lopez and Associates
LR-Associates, LLC
LRS Federal LLC
LRS Federal LLC
Lucidus Solutions, LLC
Lugo Vantage Solutions, LLC
Lynch Consultants, LLC
M.D.I. Services, LLC
M.R. Crafts, Inc.
MachadoCom LLC
Maggio Construction Co.
Mainstay Information Solutions, LLC
Mainstreet Technologies, Inc.
Mammoth Global Partners, Inc.
Management Support Technology, Inc.
Maranatha & Associates, Inc.
MaxFit LLC
Maxim Solutions, LLC
Maxon Groupe, LLC
McDonogh Farms Inc
MED Trends, Inc. 
Media Box Studios LLC
Medical Equipment and Supplies of America LLC
Megadata Technology, LLC
MEI Mail Services
Meridian Global Consulting, LLC
Meridian Systematics
Metrix Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
Metropolitan Enterprises, Inc.
Metropolitan Logistics, LLC
MH Consulting, Inc.
Michael Anthony's Group, LLC
Michael Roth & Associates, Architects & Planners, Inc. (MRAAP)
Mid-Cities Home Medical Delivery Service
Midwest Select Contracting, LLC
Miles Freight Solutions, LLC
Millennium Corporation
Millennium Corporation
Millennium Security Services, LLC
Mitchell & Mitchell, LLC
Mitchell Enterprises Global, Inc.
MO Studio
Mobre Consulting, LLC
Monterey Consultants, Inc.
MOSAIC Technologies Group
MRE Technology Solutions, LLC
MTK Solutions, LLC
MVET Consulting Solutions
Native Hawaiian Veterans, LLC
Navigator International, LLC
NCC Systems, Inc.
NetCentric Solutions, Inc.
New Genesis Organization, LLC
Ninx Technologies, LLC
Norbeck Technologies, Inc.
NOW Enterprises, LLC
NSCA Technologies & Tra-Cal Lab 
NSTAR Systems, Inc
NuCrest, LLC
Nutritious Harmony LLC
Nyfeler Associates, LLC
OBAN Corporation
O'Brien Engineering, Inc.
OCMI, LLC. O'Connor Construction Management
OfficePro, Inc.
Offspring Solutions LLC
OndoTec Inc.
ONVOI Global Services, LLC
Operations & Technology Incorporated (OTI)
Ops Tech Alliance, LLC
Ops Tech Alliance, LLC
Optimize Consulting, Inc.
Orthocare Solutions, Inc. 
Ortman Consulting
Osiris Solutions
Outshine Contractors, LLC.
Oxley Enterprises, Inc. 
Page Global Cyber Solutions, Inc.
Paradigm3i Solutions LLC
Paragon Technology Group, Inc.
Paratusec, LLC
Pathfinder Consultants, LLC
Pathfinder Solutions Group
Pathway Partners, LLC
Patriot Consulting Group
Patriot Services Corporation
Patriot Ventures LLC
Pax Advisory Inc
PCT Federal Services, LLC
Peregrine Integrated Management
Performance Systems
Performance Value Management, LLC
Perry & Davis Enterprise, LLC
Phair Security Solutions Inc
Pinnacle Enterprise Business Solutions, LLC
PiperCoughlin, LLC (PiCo)
Pivotal Point, LLC
Pixelworks, Inc.
PixelWorks, Inc.
Planate Management Group LLC
Platinum Business Services, LLC
Platinum Venture Group LLC
Plus Point Partners, LLC
PM tec, Inc.
Pointer Construction Group
Posterity Group, LLC
Potomac Healthcare Solutions, LLC
Powell Strategies, LLC
Powerband Consulting Group, Inc.
Precision Logistics International, LLC
Premier Consultants International Inc
Premier Decking, LLC
Premier Enterprise Solutions, LLC
Premier Group
Premier Group Services, Inc.
Premier Management Corporation
Premier Mechanical Group, Inc.
Premier Technical Services Corporation
Premier Technical Services Corporation
Presentation Media
ProAlliance, Corp.
Professional Management Enterprises Inc
Promise Mobility (former: Veteran Distribution Company)
Prosource, A Service Disabled Veteran Owned LLC
Prosperitus Solutions, LLC
Pro-Sphere Tek
Protech Excellens, Inc.
PTS On Demand, LLC
Puente Technology LLC
Pure Green Coatings, LLC
Pyramid Technologies, LLC
QB Medical Inc.
QED Enterprises
Qmulos LLC
Quality Concepts formerly w/ MILVETS Systems Technology, Inc.
Quantitative Analytics, LLC
Quecon, Inc. 
QuickSilver Analytics, Inc.
Qvinta Services Energy Services
Radium Management Services
Ranger Land Systems
Rapier Solutions, Inc.
RB Company, LLC
RB Consulting, Inc.
RC Matrice
REDCON Solutions Group
Resilient Solutions Ltd
Resource Metrix
Reveille Group, LLC
RightDirection Technology Solutions LLC
Riley Technology Solutions, Inc.
Riverstone Enterprise Solutions, LLC
RJR Engineering, P.C.
Roberts Logistics Enterprise, LLC
Roberts Strategic Solutions, LLC
RoundTable Defense, LLC
RPI Group Inc.
Ruland Associates, Inc.
S & T Window Films LLC
S. Brooks and Associates, Inc.
Safeguard Security Solutions LLC
SanCorp Consulting, LLC
Sandoval Technology Solutions, LLC
SanJo Security Services, Inc.
Sarandrea Associates Group Corp
Savage Productions, LLC
Sav-a-lot Movers, LLC
SCIF Constructors and Electronics, LLC
Scott-Roberts and Associates, LLC
SDV Recon, Inc (Formerly Known As: Reyes Aviation Inc)
SDVO Solutions
Sec-Ops, Inc.
Securetech 360, LLC
Security 1 Solutions LLC
Security Solutions Technology, LLC
Semper-Fi Land Services, Inc.
SemperServe, LLC
Serious Property Management, LLC
Serviam Construction, LLC 
Service Brands LLC
Service Disabled Veterans Business
ServiceMax Construction Services
Seventh Sense Consulting, LLC
ShadowObjects LLC
Sharp 10 Group, LLC
Sheen and Shine, Inc.
Shield Analysis Technology, LLC 
Shorter Solutions Inc.
Shoulder 2 Shoulder, Inc.
Sierra7, Inc.
Sigma Health Consulting, LLC
Signalink, Inc.
Single Source Renewables
SITEC Consulting 
SQN Systems
Standard Medical Systems, LLC
Standard Technology, Incorporated
Star Communication, Inc
STATZ Corporation
Strategic Alliance Consulting, Inc.
Strategic Cyber Solutions LLC
Strategic Results 
Strategy and Management Services (SAMS), Inc.
StratLynx, Inc.
Stratom, Inc.
Strother Enterprises, Inc.
Succeed To Lead, LLC
Sugarplum Tent Company
Sullivan Cove Consultants, LLC
Sustainment Solutions Inc
Swain Distribution, Inc.
SwishData Corporation 
SWP Systems, LLC
Sygnetics, Inc. 
Sylvain Consulting, Inc.
Symtech Corporation
Synensys, LLC
Synergy Intel Group, LLC
Syntelligent Analytic Solutions, LLC
T Solutions, LLC
T&T Materials, Inc. 
Tablacal Associates, LLC
TAC Integrated Solutions, LLC
TAG Mississippi Enterprises
Talon Veteran Services, Inc.
TapSEC Consulting 
TASA IT Group Inc.
Tayrona Investments LLC
TDG Resources
TDY Medical Staffing, Inc.
TechCORE Management Solution Services
Technical Assent, LLC
Technology Science Corporation
Technology Security Associates, Inc. (Sold company. Now at Kieyos, LLC)
Tel Tech Plus, Inc.
TelMed Group
Texcel, Inc
TF Solutions
The AshField Group LLC
The Askew Group, LLC
The Birchmere Group, LLC
The Blackstone Group
The Buford Company LLC
The ClayGroup, LLC
The CPI Group, LLC
The Grant Group, LLC
The Janz Corporation
The Joachim Group CPAs & Consultants, LLC (TJG CPAs)
The Logistics Company, Inc
The Maasai Group, LLC
The Maven Group, LLC
The Mayvin Consulting Group, Inc
The McConnell Group, Inc.
The McKenna Principals, Inc.
The Reddix Group, LLC
The Safety Man, LLC (TSM) 
The Sasser Group, LTD
The Severson Group
The Tutelar Group
The Veteran Group
Thomas & Herbert Consulting LLC
ThomasRiley Strategies, LLC
TI Verbatim Consulting
TIC Security
Tier Tech International, inc
TIME Systems
TISTA Science and Technology Corporation
TJ Westlake, LLC
TM3 Solutions, Inc.
Tolman Engineering, PLLC and Tolman Engineering FL, LLC
Tom Smith Fire Equipment Co
Tomorrow's Solutions Today
Total Control Business Solutions, LLC
Total Systems Development, Inc.
Traekos Health Solutions, PC (Traekos)
Trevor L. Newman, LLC
Trident Medical Group, LLC
Trifecta Solutions LLC
Trimble Sustainment Engineering Inc
TriOrb Solutions
Triple C - The A&E Group
Troop Contracting, Inc.
TruBest Enterprise Solutions LLC
True Communications, Inc.
True IA, LLC
TSC Enterprise, LLC
Tucker-Rose Associates, LLC
Tullco, Inc.
Turbine Technologies Inc.
TurnAround Factor, Inc.
TVIG, Inc.
Twin Shields Investigations, LLC
U.S. Veterans Enterprises Corporation
UltraBac Software, Inc.
United Global Group Inc
Universal Business Solutions LLC
Universal Cleaning Concept LLC
Universal Reliance LLC 
Universal Security LLC
Unlimited Services Systems Management and Consultants, Inc.
Uptime Solutions Professional Services Group, Inc. 
Uptown Press, LLC
Valence Technologies, LLC
Valerie Lewis Janitorial
Valiant Construction LLC
Valiant Harbor International, LLC
Value Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
Van Porter Services LLC
VanDahl Engineering & Construction
Vanguard Pacific, LLC
Vantage Risk Management
Vector Federal Solutions, LLC
Vectrona, LLC
Venergy Group, LLC
Veratics, Inc.
Veteran Computer Consultants, LLC
Veteran LED
Veterans Business Services, LLC
Veterans Engineering
Veterans Northwest Construction
Veterans4You Inc.
VetMeds, Inc.
Vetwork Learning Solutions
Vet-work Learning Solutions, Inc.
Vighter Medical Group LLC
Vigilant Watch Integration, Inc
Vision Development Group, LLC
Visionary Consulting Partners, LLC
Visionary Technology Solutions, Inc.
VisionEye Enterprises, LLC
Vistra Communications, LLC
Visual Connections
Vortex, LLC
VxL Enterprises
Vyalex Management Solutions, Inc.
VYD and Associates, LLC
W Sullivan Dyer & Sons
Waite Secured Line Technology Solutions LLC
Walter Mechanical Services, Inc.
Wareservice, LLC
Washingtonian Coach Corporation
Waterstreet Consulting, LLC
Wesley L. White
Westerly Enterprises, LLC
Westerly Enterprises: Out of Business (Corporate Network Services, Inc.)
Whitty IT Solutions LLC
Wide Range Technologies, Inc.
Widescope Consulting and Contracting Services, LLC
Windward Project Management LLC
WINNERS! - A People Investment Company
WJM Professional Services LLC
Working Knowledge CSP
WV Vet Tech, LLC
X Corp Solutions, Inc.
Zanstrasat LLC
Zavda Technologies, LLC