Changes Coming to in February 2022

Message from the U.S. General Services Administration

In February, some pages on will be updated with a new look and feel. When you start a new registration, will ask for your purpose of registration and entity type prior to collecting your entity information and assigning your Unique Entity ID. These enhancements address customer-recommended changes and support the upcoming governmentwide transition on April 4, 2022 from using the DUNS Number to the Unique Entity ID (SAM) as the primary means of entity identification for federal awards .

Here are a few additional tips to help you prepare for a smooth transition to the new Unique Entity ID:

·  Update Your Searches: If you are using a DUNS Number in a saved search on, now is the time to update your searches to use the Unique Entity ID. Edit a saved search by selecting its title from the saved searches list in your Workspace. Change the search filters and re-save the search using the “Actions” menu at the top of the search results page.

·  Update Your Ad Hoc Reports: If you are using a DUNS Number as a filter or attribute on an ad hoc contract data report in the DataBank, you will need to replace the DUNS field with a Unique Entity ID field, as we explain here. If you don’t update your ad hoc reports, they may not display the expected results after April 4 , 2022.

·  Get Your Unique Entity ID: If  you only need to get a Unique Entity ID (SAM) but don’t need to complete the entity registration process,  you can go to now and request it. Choose the “Get Unique Entity ID” option after selecting the “Get Started” button. Remember, you still need a DUNS Number to register your entity or get a Unique Entity ID (SAM) until April 4, 2022.

·  Find Your Unique Entity ID: If you are registered in, you’ve already been assigned a new Unique Entity ID! It’s viewable in your entity registration record today. Go to our handy transition information page at to learn more.

Your voice matters.  Please continue to tell us about your experience in by selecting the “Feedback” button in the site’s footer and submitting comments. You can also sign up to participate in usability testing of future enhancements.

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