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Air and Missile Defense Tactical Missiles Fire Control Combat Maneuver Systems Energy Guest Speaker: Stacey Washington, Regulatory Compliance Analyst Staff, Supplier Diversity, Lockheed Martin Corporation. Link for the registration:

A2S Small Business National Virtual Conference

Join the Department of Health and Human Services in this unique opportunity to empower small businesses with real access to information, networking and resources needed to do business with HHS on June 29 - 30. Register to participate at   The VIP Panel will be held on June 30 at 11am (ET).

VIP VBOC Webinar

VIRTUAL CPARS TRAINING WITH FORMER FEDERAL OFFICIALS...Brian Hebbel and Rodney Benson •Want to receive Exceptional CPARS yearly evaluations? •Want to learn best practices to maximize your CPARS ratings? •Want to understand how people inside the Government think when they initially evaluate and reevaluate your CPARS? •Our training will teach best practices your company should have […]