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Increase Your Win Rates!

Join us as the subject-matter experts provide a hands-on, market-based instruction on how to identify opportunities and walk you through the elements of developing an effective pipeline.

Session 1: Learn How to Identify Which Customers Have Money to Spend and Their Forecast

Feb 7, 2023

Instructor: Ann Sullivan, Madison Services Group

What You Will Learn:

Government funding is mostly public information, but you have to know how to find it and follow it. This course will teach you how to “follow the money” by understanding the Congressional funding process and where to find the latest funding information. Learn how to elevate your company by becoming a thought leader and advocate.

Session 2: Market Research Tools

Feb 9, 2023

Instructor: Richard Schreiber, Operations Research Analyst, GSA

What You Will Learn:

A Demo of a Market Research Tool to Help You Understand Agency Spend, and Where Your Business Fits Into the Federal Marketplace

Session 3: Hands-on Session on Using SAM Contract Data to Identify Opportunities

Feb 21, 2023

Instructor: Judy Bradt, Summit Insight

What You Will Learn:

o How to define your research goals
o Which data fields are most valuable for opportunity identification
o How to create the recommended “storyboard” field selection for a comprehensive ad-hoc report
o The steps to export your data to Excel
o How to create pivot tables of your data
o How to use resulting data views to identify leads, partners, competitors, acquisition strategies, and opportunities for engagement & business

Session 4: Developing and Managing a Pipeline

Feb 23, 2023

Instructor: Carlos Rivera, Vysnova Partners, Inc.

The session will provide insights and strategies for researching and qualifying federal contract opportunities to help you develop and manage an effective pipeline. These efforts will help you increase your win rates by targeting those opportunities that are a better fit for your company.


Ann Sullivan
Founder & Strategic Advisor, Madison Services Group
Ann brings over 40 years of government relations experience in the United States Senate and the House of Representatives, serving in key advisory roles.
Richard A. Schreiber
Operations Research Analyst, GSA
Richard specializes in data analysis, application development, and process improvement with a focus on the Federal Procurement Data Source (a.k.a FPDS). After graduating with his masters degree, he worked for the Information Technology Category in the Federal Acquisition Service. Now, he works in the Government Wide Category Management Data Team where he improves the use of data in the federal marketplace.
Judy Bradt
CEO, Summit Insight
Judy brings over 34 years of expertise in Federal business development and strategy to people who want to grow their Federal business. She’s an award-winning author, speaker and consultant.
Carlos Rivera
President & CEO, Vysnova Partners
Mr. Rivera provides leadership and day-to-day management of corporate operations. Mr. Rivera has more than 30 years of experience working in the health and information management sectors.


Our graduates have a lot to say about VIP
  • "I was told by my mentors, both graduates of the VIP program, that I had to attend this program. The information, the contacts, and students shared information freely which contributed to me winning my first government contract before the course ended. The best way to describe the VIP program is like going to school. I consider this course to be the Ph.D. of other courses. Why? The instructors and guest speakers are the owner, CEO, or director. So you are getting real information and not theory. They held nothing back in their response and they shared their contact information to keep the lines of communication open to build business relationships."
    Samuel Brown
    CEO, PacketEx, VIP Graduate
  • "Tell and I will forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will learn. This is the latter."
    Mike Schuler
    Veteran Alliance Resourcing, Inc., VIP Graduate
  • Fellow Veteran Entrepreneurs, when you are able to attend the VIP START Certification Program, don't walk, RUN! I am forever indebted to the scores of presenters and panel members who shared their candid, insightful, and wisdom-filled perspectives. Prior to the event, I approached RFP/RFI submission efforts like a sporadic ping-pong match. VIP START provided information that will guide my strategic development, save time and, I am confident, produce successful results! Thank you for providing world-class content, mentors, subject matter experts, post-program support (VIP Marketplace), and your vote of confidence for each of us!
    Shon Barnwell
    Principal, Managing Director/ Shon Barnwell Events, LLC and VIP Graduate
  • "I want to thank the Veteran Institute for Procurement for helping me achieve The Kentucky Veteran Small Business of the Year Award. I could not have done it without you and the VIP program."
    Alejandro Ramirez
    Universal Spartan, LLC, VIP Graduate
  • “At first it’s like drinking from a fire-hose! VIP offers so much good information and you just want to take it all in. The courses really focus on teaching organizations how to prioritize efforts, and VIP provides top subject matter experts to teach us how to do this most effectively.”
    Robert Hutcherson
    CEO and Founder of Optimize Consulting Inc., VIP Graduate
  • “I’ve been in commercial business for 30 years, and before the program, I didn’t know what I didn’t know about federal procurement. After VIP START, I now have the tools to succeed in the federal marketplace.”
    Kelvin Boone
    CEO, Elevation Lifestyle Ventures LLC., VIP Graduate
  • “I want to personally thank you and your team for a very well organized and valuable course. What your team has done for Veterans is truly special and more importantly a network that is essential for every veteran owner to compete to get to the next level!”
    Corey Clive
    CEO/Founder, Venergy Group LLC., VIP Graduate
  • "I truly was amazed by the program, and am so very, very glad to have been able to attend. I look forward to maintaining my relationship with MCCCF. Thanks again, very professional program, well executed and enjoyable."
    Daniel Morris
    Managing Member and CEO, SemperServe, LLC., VIP Graduate
  • “The program is one of the kind and it really addressed the key areas that are important to the success of any small businesses working with the Federal, State and Local Governments. Thank you for your efforts and your passion.”
    Dokmai Webster
    President and CEO, PivotalPoint, VIP Graduate
  • "The recent VIP course I attended was hands down the best course I have ever attended, thank you for the opportunity to attend. The quality of the instructors, the course material and the facility were all topnotch. I may not become the next Catapult but you have certainly given me the tools to do it. I hope one day I will be in a position to pay it forward. Thanks."
    Geoffrey Perkins, Esq.
    Managing Partner of Concourse Federal Group, LLC., VIP Graduate
  • "The amount of information in the VIP Program is intense! In 3 days I was given 30 hours of training that was invaluable to my business. It gave me the knowledge to understand the complexity of Government Contracting and what I needed to do to successfully bid on jobs. It helped me to create relationships with other Veteran Owned Companies with different skills enabling all of us to work together to improve our companies."
    Henry Bockman
    President, Commercial Restorations, VIP Graduate
  • "The Veteran Institute for Procurement is a phenomenal program that is a win-win for the federal government and prime contractors, and for the small veteran-owned businesses that it serves. Companies that participate in VIP emerge well-positioned for greater success in Federal contracting, and, ultimately, help to ensure that we have more qualified veteran-owned businesses competing for contract opportunities."
    Wesley Crenshaw
    President, Blueline Technology, Inc., VIP Graduate

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