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VIP Receives Praise During U.S. Senate Committee Hearing on Small Business & Entrepreneurialship

May 19, 2021

Annapolis, Maryland

Euripides Rubio, President & CEO of Ops Tech Alliance, LLC.

Last week, during the U.S. Senate Committee Hearing on Small Business and Entrepreneurialship, Realizing the Vision of Parren Mitchell – Untapping the Potential of Minority and Women Contracting, Euripides Rubio “Ruby”, President & CEO of Ops Tech Alliance, LLC. and graduate of the Veteran Institute of Procurement, testified on behalf of VIP.

“We were accepted to the Veteran Institute for Procurement (VIP)… managed by Barbara Ashe, where we had very
valuable training and networking with other veteran-owned companies as well as government
contacts… and gave us a lot of insight into areas of our business and
client landscape that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I strongly believe that the government should
make it a requirement for small businesses to receive such training.”

U.S. Senator and Committee Chair Ben Cardin discussing the value of the Veteran Institute for Procurement

Following Rubio’s testimony, U.S. Senator and Committee Chairman, Benjamin Cardin, also spoke highly of VIP, stating, “The VIP Program that Barbara Ashe heads is one that I brag about all the time. It started with the resources of a local chamber of commerce in Maryland… and became a national model because it served the national community of veterans… it got a partnership with the Small Business Administration, which we were pleased to promote, and now it is truly the template for how we can provide services to veterans in our nation.”

Watch the full Senate Committee Hearing here.  Rubio’s testimony begins at 31:50.

Read Rubio’s complete testimony transcript here.



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