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Center for Verification and Evaluation Protests and Appeals (CVE)

Presented by:
SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals

In this webinar, Judge Holleman will present a program on how protests and appeals from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE) database will be handled at the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Office of Hearings & Appeals (OHA).

Topics include:

• Congress recently authorized OHA with the task of adjudicating these matters and this program will walk the participant through each stage of the process for both CVE protests and appeals.
• It will explain how both CVE protests and appeals are initiated, who may initiate them, what issues may be addressed, when protests and appeals may be filed, what protective orders are, when protests and appeals may be dismissed, who may respond to them, the basis for the decisions, and whether the decisions may be reconsidered.
• At the conclusion, participants will grasp the new CVE database protests and appeals process and have a better understanding on how they may initiate or defend a CVE protest or appeal at SBA’s OHA.
Downloads: PowerPoint Presentation is available: please: CVE Presentation

Judge Christopher Holleman
Administrative Judge, Office of Hearings and Appeals
U.S. Small Business Administration
Judge Christopher Holleman | Bio


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