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  • September 15th, 2023

VIP GRAD Company Selected to Join Prototype Manufacturing Team for New U.S. Army Attack Helicopter

M2 Global Technology Ltd., a VIP Graduate Company, has been chosen to join the prototype manufacturing team for the "Bell Textron 360 Invictus," which is the U.S. Army's latest AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter. To date, M2 Global has provided an impressive inventory of over 450 crucial components for this project.

The "Bell Textron 360 Invictus" is a high-performance helicopter designed for carrying a diverse range of munitions. It boasts an impressive top speed of 207 MPH and a remarkable operational range of 155 miles.

This aircraft is poised to enter ground run-up tests, with its maiden flight scheduled for early 2023.

Click here for more information. M2 Global Technology Ltd. graduated from VIP GROW in April 2021.

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