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VIP VBOC Webinar: GSA Excess Equipment

Hear from GSA’s Charles Robinson and Rick Parker for an overview of the GSA Federal Donation Program. Learn what equipment they have and how you can take advantage of this great opportunity set aside just for veteran-owned small businesses.

Key topics will include:

  • How to become eligible
  • How to screen available personal property
  • Guidelines on the use of the property
  • The memorandum between the General Services Administration (GSA), Small Business Administration (SBA), and the State Agencies for Surplus Property (SASPs)

Thriving in the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Consolidation World

On October 1, 2019, GSA released its highly anticipated Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) solicitation. MAS consolidates and streamlines the legacy 24 Schedules into a single vehicle for commercial products, services, and solutions – creating a new world of opportunities for contractors and agencies.

In this webinar, you will learn how to ensure that your solutions stand out in the consolidated world. Hope Lane and Vanessa Payne Wilson will highlight the opportunities and challenges to successfully managing a MAS contract, including:

  • Lowered barriers to entry for new and existing Schedule holders
  • Impact of new, broader service and product categories
  • Pursuing contract modifications and overall contract management
  • Potential new compliance and audit risks – is it possible for MAS sales to become too much of a good thing?

This presentation assumes an understanding of the fundamental concepts of Schedule contracting. Join us to learn about MAS success strategies and challenges to ensure you can Thrive!

Everything You Wanted to Know About GSA Schedules

In government FY18, GSA Schedule sales totaled over $31 billion. As the world’s largest buyer and marketplace, government contracts can present your business with tremendous opportunities for growth. GSA Schedules continue to be the go-to source for federal buyers of commercial goods and services and are a common point of entry for companies new to federal contracting. The process isn’t easy, though. The Federal Government has painstakingly designed a maze of rules, regulations, and requirements. These rules make the Federal procurement process fair and transparent, leveling the playing field and promoting healthy competition. They also make it slow and difficult to navigate, as the number, type, and interpretation of requirements are continually changing. Pursuing any government contract is an investment of assets, so make sure you are armed with the knowledge you need to be successful. In this webinar, we answer your top questions on GSA Schedules, helping you navigate whether your business should go down the path of acquiring your first GSA Schedule.

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