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Continued Education

We aim to equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge to stay competitive in a constantly evolving and dynamic market. We offer a range of workshops and webinars that are specifically designed to offer you valuable insights and strategies to keep you up-to-date with the latest market trends and changes in procurement policies.

2024 Continued Education Workshop

Supercharge your success with an exclusive, power-packed, four-part virtual workshop. Discover the latest strategies to craft winning proposals and master the art of pricing. Seize this opportunity to learn insights directly from industry-leading experts.

Continued Education 2024

Jan 16, 2024

Session 1: Surviving to Thriving - A Deep Dive into Proposal Pricing and Accounting Strategy

This session will dive into key topics for success in government contracting, including the top 5 reasons for budgeted indirect rates, effective pricing strategies, and mastering the art of budgeting.

Instructors: Donna Dominguez and Tram Vo, Aprio

Continued Education 2024

Jan 18, 2024

Session 2: Winning Proposals and Price-to-Win

This session will provide a comprehensive guide on how to improve your win rate government contracting. It will cover the latest industry trends, the business development process, capture steps to win strategies, and how to craft winning proposals.

Instructor: Jeff Shen, Red Team Consulting

Continued Education 2024

Jan 23, 2024

Session 3: Managing Cost Structure After the “WIN”

This information-packed session will help improve your knowledge in managing cost structures after securing a government contract. The material will cover the nuances of cost reimbursement contracts, equipping attendees with a thorough comprehension of cost reimbursements and efficient methods for managing these types of contracts.

Instructors: Tom Marcinko and Tram Vo, Aprio

Continued Education 2024

Jan 25, 2024

Session 4: GSA Schedule and Strategies to Get on and Stay on

The session covers various topics, including a comprehensive exploration of getting started with a GSA Schedule, its advantages, a detailed analysis of past performance requirements, and a critical assessment to determine if the GSA Schedule is the right fit for your organization.

Instructor: Courtney Fairchild, Global Services Inc.

2023 Continued Education Workshop

Join us as the subject-matter experts provide hands-on, market-based instruction on how to identify opportunities and walk you through the elements of developing an effective pipeline.

Continued Education

Feb 7, 2023

Session 1: Learn How to Identify Which Customers Have Money to Spend and Their Forecast

Government funding is mostly public information, but you have to know how to find it and follow it. This course will teach you how to “follow the money” by understanding the Congressional funding process and where to find the latest funding information. Learn how to elevate your company by becoming a thought leader and advocate.

Instructor: Ann Sullivan, Madison Services Group

Continued Education

Feb 9, 2023

Session 2: Market Research Tools

A Demo of a Market Research Tool to Help You Understand Agency Spend and Where Your Business Fits Into the Federal Marketplace

Instructor: Richard Schreiber, Operations Research Analyst, GSA

Continued Education

Feb 9, 2023

Session 3: Hands-on Session on Using SAM Contract Data to Identify Opportunities

  • How to define your research goals
  • Which data fields are most valuable for opportunity identification
  • How to create the recommended “storyboard” field selection for a comprehensive ad-hoc report
  • The steps to export your data to Excel
  • How to create pivot tables of your data
  • How to use resulting data views to identify leads, partners, competitors, acquisition strategies, and opportunities for engagement & business

Instructor: Judy Bradt, Summit Insight

Continued Education

Feb 23, 2023

Session 4: Developing and Managing a Pipeline

The session will provide insights and strategies for researching and qualifying federal contract opportunities to help you develop and manage an effective pipeline. These efforts will help you increase your win rates by targeting those opportunities that are a better fit for your company.

Instructor: Carlos Rivera, Vysnova Partners, Inc.

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